Brand new update blog!

Well after a long run with the other site format it finally crashed so instead of trying to rebuild all of what was here before I am just going to use this site in a regular blog format which hopefully will keep things more simple. I know that the old site had quite a few picture stories and other content that a lot of you liked so I will over time repost as much of that content as I can locate on my computer. Thanks to all of you who have visited this site over the years and I hope you enjoy the new blog format. In the mean time happy spanking to all of you. Mom.

Spanking Art Stories

At one point in time I was working with an artist getting her to draw pictures for spanking stories that I had written in hopes of one day opening up a spanking art story membership site. In my opinion it would have been one of the most exciting spanking sites online and unlike anything else out there. 

In the end I kind of gave up on the site because the artist I was working with had no interest in spanking so I had to pay for each series of pictures and her lack of interest in what we were doing kinda drained my pleasure from it.

I would still very much love to open a spanking art story site one day so if you or anyone that you know has a drawing talent and an interest in spanking I would love to hear from you.

To contact me just email me at mom.spanks@yahoo.com 

With that in mind here is a story that I worked on briefly with the previous artist so you can see where my mind is on this and how much fun it could be with the right artist portraying my stories.

Mommy Spanks Daughters Creamy Butt A Bright Red!

Stuffed animals, an angry Mom, a naughty girl, and a tender naked butt getting turned from creamy white to bright red by Mommy’s hand!

What is there not to love about seeing a disobedient and rude girl learn that Mommy is always in charge!

I could talk about how much I love this spanking scene or you could go watch it yourself by clicking here or on any of the pictures below.