All Time Favorite Spanking Photo

This vintage spanking photo from Nuwest Spanking is the single photo that got me involved with the spanking community online. Until coming across this photo I had always fantasized about female-female spankings but I didn’t really understand that there were thousands upon thousands of people online who had the same feelings as me.

Needless to say once I came across this picture I was hooked for life and now I love looking at spanking pictures, reading spanking stories, and watching spanking videos as much as I can.

So what is it about this picture that I like so much?

Well for starters it was the first picture that I ever saw that perfectly portrayed what I had been fantasizing about in my mind for all those years, but even more than that there as so many small things that make this picture absolute spanking perfection to me. From the natural grip that Mom has on the paddle in this picture to how high she is raising the paddle up, to the determined look on her face, everything about this picture just feels real.

You can even see the muscles tightened in Mom’s spanking arm and the feet of the girl taking the spanking are flailing apart as they naturally would for someone taking a hard wooden paddle full force to their naked butt.

Of course with any spanking photo the point of focus is almost always the naughty butt being spanked and that is definitely true with this picture. The girl in this picture has a perfectly round butt that looks so tender that you almost feel sorry for her as she is laying there waiting on the next paddle smack with her butt slightly lifted as if she wants to make it easy on her Mom to blister her butt.

The coloring on the butt is clearly real too instead of just a faked spanking picture because you can see that the right cheek has taken much more abuse than the left cheek and the inside on the left cheek hasn’t been touched at all which is exactly how it would be in an over the lap spanking like this.

There are a few more pictures from this spanking that I will post later because they are all great but this one is by far me favorite one ever! I think there might even be a video for this spanking somewhere but to be honest I have never looked for it because I have fantasized about this picture so much that I don’t want to see the video and be disappointed.

Anyway I know this was a long explanation for one picture but to me this is the holy grail of spanking pictures so I feel like it is worthy of a post all by itself.

If you have a female/female spanking photo that you love feel free to send it to me at with an description of why you like it and I might just post it here on the blog for everyone else to see.

Spanking Art Stories

At one point in time I was working with an artist getting her to draw pictures for spanking stories that I had written in hopes of one day opening up a spanking art story membership site. In my opinion it would have been one of the most exciting spanking sites online and unlike anything else out there. 

In the end I kind of gave up on the site because the artist I was working with had no interest in spanking so I had to pay for each series of pictures and her lack of interest in what we were doing kinda drained my pleasure from it.

I would still very much love to open a spanking art story site one day so if you or anyone that you know has a drawing talent and an interest in spanking I would love to hear from you.

To contact me just email me at 

With that in mind here is a story that I worked on briefly with the previous artist so you can see where my mind is on this and how much fun it could be with the right artist portraying my stories.

Mommy Spanks Daughters Creamy Butt A Bright Red!

Stuffed animals, an angry Mom, a naughty girl, and a tender naked butt getting turned from creamy white to bright red by Mommy’s hand!

What is there not to love about seeing a disobedient and rude girl learn that Mommy is always in charge!

I could talk about how much I love this spanking scene or you could go watch it yourself by clicking here or on any of the pictures below.