Moms Belt Is Going To Hurt

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6 Responses to Moms Belt Is Going To Hurt

  1. Paul says:

    “But mom if I kneel on the bed my cheeks will spread,
    can`t I just lay over you`r lap”

  2. Sara says:

    Good comment Paul I can imagine her in that position

  3. Paul says:

    Have you ever been in that position Sara?

  4. Sara says:

    Several times with my ass stuck in the air and over my Moms knee
    I prefer OTK its not as embaressing kneeling up spreads your cheeks

  5. Paul says:

    Would I be getting too personal if I asked you Sara when your ass was in the air did your Mom just use her hand or anything else like a ruler or slipper
    I can just imagine you like that please tell us more

  6. Sara says:

    One particular time I had been rude to some of the neighbours and they told Mom
    This landed me with a spanking
    I was in my room when Mom burst in demanding to know waht had gone off
    I could`nt explain myself so what was the alternative
    I found mysely knelt on my bed, my skirt raised an my panties pulled down across my thighs
    This made my ass high and my face burried in the covers
    To make things worse Mom wrapped her arm around my lower back and just under my bum making me stick it out more exposing all my charms
    Because of how she was holding me her face was close to my ass SHE WOULD SEE EVERYTHING CLOSE UP!!!!
    You reminded me of this Paul when you asked if Mom ever used a 12″ rule instead of her hand
    Yes she did it was the closest thing to hand for her with it being on my desk
    She used it for what felt like long enough every one made a loud CRACK across my taught stretched bum cheeks
    I remember sobbing into the covers half with a sore bottom and half with embaressment
    I layed on my side that night

    Hoped you liked that Paul and it lived up to what you imagined
    Love Sara, XXX

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