Mom Spanks Daughter While On The Phone With Teacher!

A loyal follower of this blog has decided to pitch in and help with some captions of his own! Thanks a lot Paul! Mom

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5 Responses to Mom Spanks Daughter While On The Phone With Teacher!

  1. Sara says:

    This reminds me of an experiance of mine that happend a number of years ago
    Great blog keep it up
    More posts please

  2. Mom says:

    Sara would you care to tell us all about that experience?

  3. tim says:

    Very nice ,best wishes ,tim.

  4. Sara says:

    Being as you asked me about that day that happened to me heres my recolection of it.
    Me and some friends at school had been messing around and disrupting class. We were sent to see the Head Mistress, a smart lady in her early fifties. One at a time we went into her office knowing what our fate was to be. It was the usual she asked what you were here for, scolded you for it then asked you to remove your panties and bend over the huge desk, it was a thing of her`s that your panties were on the table next to your face to remind you of the vunerable position you were in. Next she would take the paddle out of a drawer rub it on your cheeks and say “ready girl” to which you had to reply “yes miss”.You would then recieve six whacks on each cheek while you tried in vain to not cry out or wriggle your ass so your cheeks opened and you revealed all for her to see. When it was over you would put your panties back on and collect your thoughts before returning to class to tell the next offender she was waiting.
    That day when I got home from school I saw Mom on the phone her face was like thunder, as soon as I walked through the door she glared at me I tried to listen in on the call and got the gist of it, it was my Head Mistres telling her of the days events. Mom spoke a while longer then put the phone on the kitchen table and to my horror put it on loud speaker. She sat on the chair got comfortable and pointed to the side of her I knew this meant I was to stand there, when at her side she lifted my school skirt an roughly tugged down my panties to reveal my already sore spanked bottom. I was dragged over her lap and she started spanking one cheek then the other first slowly then quicker and quicker I was kicking my legs and squealing and yelling for her to stop. It must have only lasted about three or four minuites but what made it worse was knowing there was a third party listening in. Mom let me up and picked up the phone while I rubbed my twice spanked ass. My heart sank when I realized my ordeal was not yet over. Mom tapped the table. Iwas to lay on it. She went to a kitchen drawer and retrieved a spatular, she came back to me grabed my legs under my knees and hauld them up to my chest leaving me open and exposed, the shame of it was punishment enough, the speaker phone still on Mom proceded to spank my bottom and thighs always missing my pussy with the spatular. I have never felt such a burning sensation my ass was literally on fire I cried and screamed to no avail I did`nt know which was the worst being listened to, the embarassing position or the spanking itsself.
    I had learned my lesson that night Mom could be far worse than the Head. I never misbehaved again Idid`nt want round two I still shudder when I think back.
    I hope you enjoy my recolection and if any other readers of this blog send in theirs I would love to read them I know Im not on my own
    Love Sara XXX.

  5. Mom says:

    Wow Sara thanks for sharing that story with all of us and I certainly agree that you are probably not alone! :)

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