Mom Spanks Daughter In An Elevator

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6 Responses to Mom Spanks Daughter In An Elevator

  1. Olive says:

    Female/Female spanking has always been my favorite so finding this blog was a match made in heaven! Please! Please! Please! keep writing these stories because I love them!

  2. Paul says:

    You have a wonderful imagination and express your subject with such reality

    A great story and picture once again

    Thanks, Paul

  3. Sara says:

    Very good I liked the elevator senario its like you almost know whats going to happen but its like half of me wants her friends to see her being spanked and the other half feels the embaressment of it all for her
    keep it up I love it

  4. Mom says:

    Sara and Paul I really appreciate all of the comments that you guys have left and that is what makes a blog like this fun! Olive maybe we will hear from you again soon as well.

  5. Rayned says:

    The best stories are F/F stories. How about one where the mother is a high school
    principal and continues to paddle her four daughters, one a high-school senior,
    two in college and one teaching in her school?

    Alternately, one where the mother’s daughter and girlfriend, teachers themselves
    at this or another school, attend a school party dressed as cheerleaders and get into
    trouble while so attired, causing the mother to be called.

  6. tim says:

    her mummy gave her little girl big spanks and her little friends saw it ,tim.

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