Skimpy Panties Gets Daughter Spanked

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6 Responses to Skimpy Panties Gets Daughter Spanked

  1. Sara says:

    Its as well she is wearing some kind
    with her ass stuck up like that everything would be on display!!

  2. Paul says:

    So sorry for wearing skimpy panties??
    I think she only wore them because she knew she was in for a spanking and chances are her Mom would`nt pull them down unlike more full ones
    A sneaky girl here she deserves more!!

  3. Sara says:

    I agree with you Paul, a spanking is to produce both pain and humiliation
    Her panties no matter how much they cover should always be removed when in private
    A bare bottom is the only bottom that should be spanked

  4. Dad to 3 says:

    I remember one time in our house when age inappropriate clothing earned one of our daughters a spanking over mom’s knee.

  5. Badbecky says:

    More then once i got spanked for wearing skin tight jeans or short shorts so tight Mom did it mostly but dad spanked me 2 times for it

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