Swollen Cheeks

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5 Responses to Swollen Cheeks

  1. Paul says:

    Mom – I say when you have had enough, now get back over my lap
    Daughter – Boo hoo please Mom my butt`s on fire I can feel it

  2. Sara says:

    I feel for this girl having to go back over her moms knee with her bare bottom in a very vunerable position

  3. Paul says:

    Weather you feel for her or not Sara if it was you what would you do
    By the look on her Moms face it would be wise to obey

  4. Sara says:

    If it was me Paul, your right I`d be straight back over her knee offering my bottom
    You never know what the consequence would be
    Its better the devil you know

  5. Monika says:

    Swollen or not – her bottom cheeks aren’t nearly red enough for this spanking to stop.

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