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Constance Gets Her Butt Blistered By Mom!

Constance reenacts a spanking that was given to her by her Mom and it is absolutely amazing! There is also a video of this spanking and it can be watched by clicking here.


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A Few More Mom Daughter Spanking Art

Here are a few more pieces of female/female spanking art that I came across.


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Amazing Photos Of Miss Howard Sizzling Tammy’s Buns!

Here recently I was lucky enough to discover an amazing new site and now I can share a couple photos with you! Even better is that you can click here and enjoy even more photos from this wonderful site.

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Take A Second And Comment

Reading a blog is great but it becomes much better when people comment and interact. There is only so much that I can do by myself so if you want to make this blog better take a few seconds and make a comment. Due to idiots who live life simply to spam others I do have to approve the comments before they will be displayed but that is normally done fairly quickly. This blog gets around 2,000 visitors a day so there is no reason for us to have a lack of comments.

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Paddled In The Attic (Story)

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Vintage Mom Spanking Daughter Photos February 2014

There is nothing that I like more than old vintage female/female spanking photos. For that reason I have started a new post category to feature some of the amazing photos I have discovered in different places.


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Mom Spanks Hiney At The Beach

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Show me that spanked butt!

This strict woman makes her naughty girl show off her well spanked butt and beg not to be spanked even more!

Daughter: See how red my butt is Mommy please don’t spank me anymore!

Mom: Please girl your naughty buns are barely red at all.

Daughter: Please! Please! Please! don’t use your hairbrush on me anymore I promise I have learned my lesson!


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Momma Blisters Daughters Butt

A site that I have absolutely fallen in love with is Momma Spankings

Take a look at the wonderful set of photos that came from there and you will see why I like the site so much. Just imagine the burn in this naughty girls butt as Momma blisters her chubby butt cheeks with her hard wooden hand paddle and all the girl can do is squirm and accept each hard lick!

I have a feeling I will be posting more of these photos soon because they are perfect for this blog! If you don’t want to wait on me you can always check there photos out yourself by going to their site by clicking here


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Plump Cheeks Blistered With Strict Females Strap

Over the last few weeks I have started using photos from paid spanking sites for two reasons. First and foremost is the fact that I have come across some photos on a few of those sites that were just too good not to pass on, and secondly because there are only so many vintage spanking photos out there and I want to always have new content on this blog. The following photos were taken from a site that I am personally a member of and to say that they are fantastic would be the understatement of the day for sure. The photos of course have a video that goes with them as well which I can’t show you here, but if you want to see it just visit the site where they came from by

clicking here.

Although this set of photos is not Mom/Daughter per say, they still give me that feeling inside where it feels like I am looking at a strict Stepmom blister the plump butt of her naughty stepdaughter. I personally love these photos and am interested to hear what you guys think about them.

In an effort to fight spam if you leave a comment it will not show immediately so give it a little while to become active. 

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