Vote On The Best Female/Female Spanking Art

Alright it’s time to vote………….here are a few female spanking female art pieces that I found in various locations online so entertain your inner art critic and pick which one you like best. I know that they are all very nice but you can only pick one. 


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Super Mom Spanking Daughter Series

Some of you who read my blog on a regular basis have asked me if I ever watch spanking videos. The answer to that is definitely yes because I love everything about spanking, but my video viewing is limited to female/female spanking only and of course the ones that desire to watch the most are the videos with a Mom/Daughter theme. I have quite a few sites that I enjoy visiting for my spanking video viewing pleasure, but one series of videos that I recently watched had me in spanking heaven. The series is actually several different Mom/Daughter spanking scenes rolled into one and I found it here

The name of the series is “Annabelle Back At Home With Mom” and I found out really quickly after downloading it that poor Annabelle’s naked backside is forced to accept a lot of punishment from Mom.

I have included a few free photos from the series in this post because even if you are not the type of person who likes to watch spanking videos I am quite sure that you will more than enjoy the photos!


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No Modesty, Hiney Spanked, Pussy Exposed

It is amazing how much a naughty girl can lose her modesty when she starts to feel the burn of a hard spanking on her bare hiney! Take this girl for instance, she has no concern for the fact that she is thrusting her naked pussy all in the air because she only wants the paddling to stop that is blistering her quivering cheeks!

I love older spanking photos like this which is why I love this website.

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Beautiful Female Spanking Female Photos

Take a look at the photos here and tell me that they don’t make your heart start racing! For someone like me who loves nothing more than watching or even imagining a female spank another female I could look at these all day! These photos are part of a very large site that has more spanking than one person can comprehend. If you want to check out more stuff from this site you can do so by clicking here.

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Spanking Interview With Lauren Part 1


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Sorry Mommy Tushie (Spanking Story)

This story is a brand new spanking story that was written by a friend of mine.

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Mom Spanks Paige With The Hairbrush At The Lake (Story By Becca)

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Mom Spanks A Pair Of Naughty Daughter Butts

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Stupid Little Bad Word Spanking (Story By Becca)

A new girl named Becca contacted me this week via email and asked if I wanted her to tell me about her spanking experiences growing up with her Mom. Actually she told me that both herself and her sister Paige has received many spankings from their Mom and that she would tell me all about them. Excited to hear her stories I asked if she would allow me to post them here to which she agreed so hopefully this first story will only be the start of our journey with Becca and Paige. Comments are always welcomed and if we let Becca know how much we enjoy reading about her spankings maybe she will keep them coming for a long time.


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